Monday, April 5, 2010

Inflation Items: Monday

Airfares rising sharply
Prices may climb even higher in coming weeks as carriers add a fuel surcharge to cover surging oil prices. But, dont' worry, those nice fat 4% treasury note yields should cover it.

Peabody Energy ups bid for McArthur Coal
I guess they didn't get the memo that the commodity bubble's about to crash.

Phillipine inflation accelerates
Central bank keeps interest rates at a record low anyway, yielding a negative real rate of return (before taxes of course). That'll teach those savers a lesson.

New Zealand commodity export prices rise for 13th straight month
Up 50% year over year. Good thing we don't buy any of their stuff.

Crude oil hits new 17 month highs on economic outlook
I wonder where oil will be by the time the Federal Reserve decides to raise rates.

Chinese central bank advisor says no question US dollar will "go south"
I guess they feel pretty good about their investment in US government debt.

Brazilian bank plans 10 yr US dollar bonds
Seems like every third world country and corporation want to borrow dollars. Align yourself with the biggest printing press, seems like a good policy.

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